Ohio Suicide Trend – What are the solutions?

Woman in distress crying and being suicidal

Public health in Ohio has multiple problems, one of which is suicide. In the past decade, there has been a large increase in the suicide rate. Immediate reaction is necessary. One of them is writing this article. We will deal with the latest statistics, demography, Ohio Suicide Trends, and geography… We will sort out the … Read more

Increase in Ohio Murders and Suicides: The Role of Firearms, What Hpio Analysis Finds

Ohio neighbourhood with plank that says "Pray for us all"

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) has identified alarming trends regarding homicides and suicides in the state. Over the past 20 years, both types of deaths have risen significantly. Most troubling is the increased involvement of firearms in these incidents. That’s why Firearms and Ohio deaths became a burning issue. The data show a … Read more