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Opioid settlement dollars could come to Ohio communities by fall

Funding from the OneOhio National Opioid Settlement could begin to come to local communities this fall, but policy delays could impede funding until 2024 (Source: “Target date set for opioid dollars,” Youngstown Vindicator, Feb. 13).

OneOhio Recovery, a private nonprofit, was created out of the National Opioid Settlement. It is tasked with distributing 55% of the money Ohio will receive from the pharmaceutical industry as a result of its role in the national opioid epidemic.

“This is the chance of a lifetime for Ohio. We have to do a good job,” said interim executive director of the Foundation, Kathryn Whittington.

Much of the structure and processes still are being decided by the 29-member board governing the foundation. The foundation was created in December 2021, but most board appointments were not finalized until May 2022.

According to a timeline provided to the members before their meeting Feb. 8, if a grant policy is approved in April, then funds should be distributed for regional projects and statewide initiatives in October. If the policy does not pass by April, funds may not go out until 2024.