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HPIO briefs explore taking lessons from successful pilot programs to develop policy, systems change

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio has released a pair of reports designed to assist stakeholders and policymakers in taking lessons learned from promising health and human services pilot programs and developing policy and systems change.

The two reports, which examine how evidence-informed programs can be taken “from pilot to policy,” contain considerations for state and local policymakers and tools for program staff, philanthropy and other stakeholders.

“Approaches being taken by health and human services pilot programs can result in positive change in the lives of Ohioans, and policymakers can invest resources strategically,” the reports state.
To develop “From Pilot to Policy,” HPIO conducted 11 key-informant interviews with 13 experts in Ohio, including current and former policymakers, program staff and individuals involved with state policymaking. Insights shared in the key-informant interviews, as well as key quotes from the interviews, are included throughout these documents.