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HPIO Data Snapshot details mental health trends in Ohio


The Health Policy Institute of Ohio has released a new Data Snapshot detailing trends in mental health among Ohioans.

Ohio does relatively well compared to other states in providing care to those with mental health challenges, according to HPIO’s 2021 Health Value Dashboard.
However, the number of Ohioans reporting depression is higher than the national average. Additionally, the percent of Ohioans reporting poor mental health (as displayed in the graphic above) and the number of suicides in the state are increasing. Like other areas of health, data show that access to care is necessary, but not sufficient, to address the root causes of the mental health challenges facing many Ohioans.
The new HPIO Data Snapshot includes visualizations on mental health prevalence and trends in Ohio (frequent poor mental health days and depression), access to mental health care and quality and trends in suicide in Ohio. It also includes a list of resources to improve mental health in Ohio.