Baby formula shortage puts spotlight on long-standing health disparities
HHS launches office of environmental justice to address health inequities

Graphic of the week

Recent analysis by HPIO has found that stark differences in maternal health outcomes signal that not everyone has what they need to live a healthy life before, during and after pregnancy.

The graphic above, from the fact sheet HPIO released last month titled “Racial and Geographic Disparities in Maternal Morbidity and Mortality,” shows that the severe maternal morbidity rate for Black, non-Hispanic mothers in Ohio was 1.85 times higher than the rate for white women in 2019. Asian, non-Hispanic mothers also have a higher maternal morbidity rate than Ohio mothers overall.

According the fact sheet, “High maternal morbidity and mortality rates are preventable. State and local policymakers have many options to address racism and discrimination, inequitable community conditions, toxic stress and poor prenatal care access.”