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HPIO policy brief series explores tobacco, alcohol and implications for future cannabis policy


The Health Policy Institute of Ohio has released a series of briefs that explore the health impacts of tobacco and excessive alcohol use, and apply lessons learned from tobacco and alcohol policy to upcoming decisions about recreational cannabis legalization.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Health: Implications for Future Cannabis Policy lays the groundwork for future cannabis policy discussions by:

  • Highlighting what works to reduce tobacco and excessive alcohol use
  • Describing recent and upcoming tobacco, alcohol and cannabis policy changes
  • Applying lessons learned from tobacco and alcohol to inform equitable and effective cannabis regulation in the future

“Now is the time to set clear policy goals on legal drugs. Evidence-based approaches to cannabis, tobacco and alcohol policy are needed to improve health, decrease disparities and control healthcare spending,” the brief states.

The two other briefs in the series, Health Impacts of Tobacco Use in Ohio and Health Impacts of Excessive Alcohol Use in Ohio explore:

  • How each substance affects health and healthcare spending
  • Recent trends and disparities
  • What works to reduce harms