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AMA announces plan to combat racism in U.S. health system

The nation’s largest doctors group earlier this month released a  plan aimed at dismantling structural racism inside its own ranks and within the U.S. medical establishment (Source: “US doctors group issues anti-racism plan for itself, field,” Associated Press, May 11).

The American Medical Association’s plan has been in the works for more than a year. The group’s leaders said health inequities highlighted by the pandemic, ongoing police brutality and recent race-based crimes have given the effort a sense of urgency.

The AMA plan calls for more than diversifying its staff and adding members who are from Black, Hispanic, Indigenous and LGBTQ communities. It aims to embed anti-racist activities and education at every level of the organization. The influential advocacy group also plans to use its clout to advocate for health equity public policies and to create and deliver anti-racist training for medical students, doctors and health systems.