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Addressing racial disparities in infant mortality requires dismantling structural racism

Black babies in Ohio are born too early and too small — factors that contribute to dying before their first birthdays at a rate twice that of white babies (Source: “Black babies dying at alarming rate: How can their lives be saved?,” Dayton Daily News, March 14, 2021).

While disparities in income and educational attainment play a role, Black mothers with higher incomes and education are still more likely to live in disadvantaged neighborhoods, face biases from health care professionals and toxic stress from racism that erodes health on a cellular level, according to the Health Policy Institute of Ohio. Some research indicates the health impacts of that stress can be passed on.

Policymakers need to dismantle structural racism with reforms that create equitable access for communities of color to housing, jobs, education and quality, less-biased health care, say experts at HPIO. In the short-term, local groups should continue connecting minority and at-risk moms with assistance services.