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HPIO releases updated equity resource page, Dashboard data tools

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio has released several new tools for policymakers and stakeholders interested in better understanding the health equity challenges facing the state.

Ohio ranks 46 out of 50 states and the District of Columbia on health value in HPIO’s 2019 Health Value Dashboard. The Dashboard highlights in a series of equity profiles that communities of color, Ohioans who have lower incomes or educational attainment, are sexual or gender minorities and/or live in rural or Appalachian counties, experience the worst health outcomes.

The Dashboard underscores that “Improving health value in Ohio means closing Ohio’s troubling health gaps and ensuring that all Ohioans have the opportunity to live to their full health potential.”

The Dashboard also highlights a set of evidence-based strategies that can move Ohio towards health equity and improved health value.

The new HPIO tools to further illuminate the issue are: