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The Ohio Children's Hospital Association unveiled the first Assessment of Child Health and Health Care in Ohio at the Vote for Ohio Kids forum held in Columbus last week (Source: “Report: Ohio needs to do more to tackle challenges affecting children’s health,” Columbus Dispatch, Sept. 27, 2018).

The report was developed by the Health Policy Institute of Ohio. The Assessment will be used, OCHA said, as a starting place for a child-focused health policy agenda for Ohio's next governor and General Assembly. 

Informed by a multi-sector advisory committee, the Assessment found that Ohio ranked in the bottom half of states on 65 percent of child health metrics with national ranking data.

The report was created to provide a single, comprehensive, objective assessment of child health in Ohio that identifies top child health priority areas, policy goals and evidence-based strategies to move the needle on child health. The Assessment calls for a comprehensive approach to child health, with public and private sector leadership from a wide variety of entities including policymakers, healthcare providers, insurers, schools, community-based organizations and the support of parents, caregivers and families. 

Findings in the Assessment were informed by:

  • Analysis of 58 child health specific metrics
  • Review of local health department and children's hospital community health planning documents
  • Healthcare utilization and cost data on young Ohioans from the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Ohio Hospital Association
  • Feedback from a multi-sector advisory committee of pediatric clinicians, experts and advocates