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Ohio near bottom in national wellbeing ranking

Ohio once again ranks near the bottom in a national scorecard of health and wellbeing (Source: “Ohio ranks low on wellness survey,” Dayton Daily News,  Feb. 14, 2018) 

Using a survey of more than 2.5 million Americans, The Well-Being Index ranks states based on factors such as whether its residents like what they do every day; have supportive relationships, financial security and a positive community environment; and report having good health.

Ohio ranks sixth from the bottom among the 50 states. South Dakota ranks No. 1 and West Virginia has the lowest ranking.

The overall score for the U.S. on the index dropped in 2017 from 2016. The report said it is the largest year-over-year decline in the 10-year history of the the index and no state showed statistically significant improvement compared to the previous year.