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HPIO releases brief on key findings from Telehealth Summit

HPIO has released a new brief titled “The Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s Telehealth Leadership Summit: Key findings and considerations” (pdf, 8 pages). 

On July 16, HPIO invited key telehealth stakeholders from across the state to participate in a Telehealth Leadership Summit. The 57 Summit participants included providers, employers, public and private insurers, state agencies and telehealth technology developers. Participants explored a number of issues surrounding telehealth including documentation, informed consent, payment, provider regulation, fraud and abuse and patient safety. HPIO’s brief outlines the key findings and recommendations arising out of the telehealth summit.

HPIO has focused attention on telehealth as a promising practice that can help improve health outcomes, access and reduce health costs.

“Stakeholders expressed a need to align telehealth policy priorities and identify realistic reforms and policy guidance that could further the implementation of telehealth in Ohio,” said HPIO Health Policy Associate Reem Aly, who leads the Institute’s work in this area. “HPIO’s Telehealth Leadership Summit sought to meet this need.”

Over the past year, HPIO has held a series of covenings on telehealth to educate, mobilize and unify telehealth stakeholders. To learn more about telehealth in Ohio, visit HPIO’s telehealth resource page.